Sports and NFTs

Before we get into details, we have to start with a description of NFTs. NFT stands for non-fungible token and represents a unit of data which is stored on the blockchain. Each token certifies that a digital asset is unique and therefore cannot be replaced with anything else. Just as we have experienced a boom in cryptocurrencies in the recent years, now we are seeing the new craze which is NFTs.

The adoption of blockchain is spreading like wildfire across different type of industries and the sports industry is no exception. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly become established as a new means of fan engagement in the sporting space, with various high-profile teams and organisations, rolling out their own digital collectibles and fan tokens. With more than 8,000 different sports being played across the world, NFTs are set to disrupt the ecosystem for fans, players, brands, clubs, federations, leagues and intellectual property owners. The value and demand for NFT sports is tremendous. Take a look at what we are offering.

For managers and owners of sport clubs

Every sport club exists because of its fans!

Nowadays the distances between the playfield, the players and followers are so easily traversed by virtual and digital means, a world which allows for limitless possibilities. Your team can now share every special moment, player achievement, or physical collectable item by transforming it into a digital asset (via minting) into non-fungible tokens.

What are the benefits for entering the NFT sports metaverse?

Club benefitsMonetization of special events of your club history. (Winning games or championships) and entering new sales platforms in the NFT marketplace
Players benefitsYour team will be promoted via new crypto marketing methods
Fans benefitsYou will be always virtually closer to games, your favourite players, and special team moments

Clubs, now is the time to start creating the digital history of your club that will live and be preserved forever in the blockchain of your followers!

Your sport team can be among the first to explore the new universe of opportunities and to be one step ahead of your competitors.

If you want to take your club to the next level, feel free to discuss it with our NFT team.

Personal NFT projects for professional athletes

Professional athletes have jumped quickly into the NFT space to monetize their image and name. As a result, they have made millions of dollars. Tom Brady, McKenzie Milton, and so many other professional athletes have entered the NFT market to gain from the power of these new unique assets. Now you also have that chance.

If you are a professional athlete, now you have the unique chance to take a piece of that pie by creating an NFT with your image on it. All you have to do is contact our team of professionals at, and we will guide you on how you can benefit from creating your own NFT.

Create your own sports NFT project from scratch

We welcome artists and creators with affinity to sports to explore as a platform to connect with the proper audience and businesses through the world of NFTs. Our team of artists and consultants will help you define, create and even market your ideas in the NFT sports arena.

Not only will you be closer to the industry and its epic journey into the world of blockchain, you will have the chance to influence it with your NFT project on display at our virtual Sports NFT gallery! We offer many services and packages, and will often throw in a marketing campaign on our affiliate businesses and NFT marketplaces as a part of our service. After all, we consider your success our success. In these times of incredible digital development, when humanity is building metaverses and exciting new virtual worlds, we want to take you with us and take part in shaping the digital universe of sports together.

NFT Marketplace is working under its own and unique NFT marketplace currently being developed. It will contain our own NFT sports collections which will be available for users to purchase and participate in early airdrops, get preference for our online gallery, exclusive promotions of our other platforms and much more.

Stay tuned, the marketplace is coming soon!

Our Team

At, we are excited about anything NFT and sports related. We are a passionate team of creatives having a bold yet achievable mission in mind - to bridge the physical-digital gap. Our team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in different fields is currently working on many exciting projects aiming to bring NFTs to a broader audience. With, we are aiming at creating a one-of-a-kind place for anything sports and NFT related.

Take a look around and let us know how we can help you monetize the power of NFTs.